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The new Ironman 4x4 12V LED light strip is a multi-functional, low power lighting solution for all those times you need a little extra light when out in the scrub. With 3m of wire, it's easy to locate the LED Light Strip in the ideal location around your vehicle and with its IP68 rating you can be assured that it will provide light even in the harshest conditions.

The 12V LED light strips come standard with all Ironman 4x4 awnings, providing all the light you need to work without cluttering up the place with lanterns on bench space and can be bought separately for other applications. These LED strips are great for lighting up areas such as the back of your ute tray, boat or caravan, in your engine bay or the boot of your vehicle. With the adhesive strip on the back it can be easily mounted to most surfaces.

Being an LED strip, the power draw is minimal ensuring that you can have a well-lit camp for nights on end without worry.


1.2m LED light strip
3m Wire with 12V Plug & switch
Cigarette socket with battery clips
Additional securing clips


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