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Ironman 4x4, together with Australian Paramedics have developed a first aid kit to cater for the rugged demands of the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

An innovative pouch system design, ensures administering first aid has never been quicker or easier. Each pouch serves a specific type of injury, from small and large wounds, fractures, sprains, and a full snake bite kit.

The pouch system provides quick access to the medical aid you need in any situation.

Carry peace of mind with you and be ready for any emergency situation with the Ironman 4x4 first aid kit.

Large First Aid Kit Contents Sized


135 Piece Kit
The Innovative roll out pouch system includes medical aid covering;
Personal Protection
Small Wounds
Medium Wounds
Large Wounds
Triangular Bandages
Burns, Cold Pack, Thermal Blanket
Snake and Spider Bites; and
Extra Equipment
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