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A dual battery manager is a must-have addition for any 4 wheel driver who loves the great outdoors and wishes to camp in comfort with good lights, a fridge, music and any number of accessories running on a dual battery system.

The Ironman 275 Amp Dual Battery monitor allows two batteries to be charged at the same time, once the main battery reaches 13.4 volts. This ensures that your cranking battery is always at full capacity. It is supplied with a dual battery monitor which displays the voltage levels of both batteries. This dual battery manager allow you to run accessories from a second battery to save your starting/cranking battery.

Emergency Parallel Function:

The Ironman 275 Amp Dual Battery manager allows the user to override the automatic function and link the two batteries together. This can be done by turning the yellow knob on the unit or by pushing the override switch located in the vehicle.


High Amperage capacity

Dual sensing

Automatic function

Cut in when main battery above 13.7V

Isolates main battery below 12.2V

Dual manual override

Additional override switch

Ignition protection

Monitor dims with headlights on

Easy to install


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