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The new Ironman 4x4 DC to DC 40amp boost, 3 stage battery charger. With the new generation of vehicles it is important to ensure that auxilary battery charging is managed in a way to maximize the charge. The Ironman 4x4 DC to DC 40 amps chargers uses the latest generation technology producing more power in a much smaller compact unit. The DC to DC charger is able to cope with under bonnet heat, vibration and has a unique heat sink to maximize cooling and maximize efficiencies. This DC to DC charger is encapsulated in a weatherproof polymer.

The Ironman 4x4 DC to DC charger has a remote dash mounted LED to indicate charge status. A fantastic feature is the selectable battery selection with the ability to charge all types of batteries, including FLOODED, AGM, GEL and Lithium. This charger is designed to manage and maximize the charge to your batteries.

Using the boost technology the DC to DC charger boosts the voltage to ensure the batteries are maintained at 100%, making it better for battery life. The boost technology automatically senses for all low voltage alternators, camper trailers, long cable that may incur voltage drops and batteries requiring a high charge.

3-stage 12V Booster Charger
40A max output
Selectable output voltages
Over current and temp protected
Precise under voltage protection (No external isolator required)
High efficiency (Typical >96%)
Remote charge status LED indicator
Very low standby current <3mA
Optional start assist and boost charge features increase amperage output to 80A max


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