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This start assist kit allows you to start your vehicle off the auxiliary battery in a situation where the main battery is flat (e.g. headlights were left on).

When combined with our 40A DC to DC battery charger, the maximum output increases up to 80amps, doubling the total amperage.

Automatic emergency vehicle start.
Boosts DC to DC charger output to 80amps
Start Assist - The Start Assist Booster Kit when used in conjunction with the Ironman 4x4 IDCDC40, is an automatic emergency override function allowing the vehicle to start utilising the auxiliary battery in situations where the main battery is flat.
Boost Charge - This kit will also double the 40amp output of the Ironman 4x4 IDCDC40. Allowing up to 80amps for the initial fast charge of the auxiliary battery.


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